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Corporate Retreats

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Ever consider renting a luxury vacation home to host a corporate retreat? Instead of booking hotels and conference rooms, book a vacation home that allows you to enjoy a comfortable, private, and luxurious setting.

Our homes offer plenty of space, privacy, and essentials including Wifi, SMART TV, and more to accommodate your whole team.


Disclaimer: ALL events must be pre-approved and are only available for select homes.


Feel at Home

Feel right at home with casual meeting spaces where you can build lasting and quality
relationships within a team. With a casual meeting atmosphere, you can inspire everyone
to feel more comfortable, break the monotony of boardroom meetings, and inspire great ideas.

Private Accommodations


Staying in a luxury vacation rental can bring the most relaxation for all. Many of our Luxury Collection vacation rentals feature state-of-the-art games rooms, theater rooms, private pools, and so much more. This allows everyone to enjoy an unforgettable corporate retreat. See all of our Luxury Collection Homes and choose the perfect rental to suit your needs.